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Sketch Commission Info:…

Wowie, what an October!– I’m tired

    Now November, it has been a few days since I completed my first Inktober, an art challenge/goal where artists participate to do their best to draw with ink on a regularly-enough schedule (such as daily, weekly, whenever-I-can-ly) in the month of October, and I’m pretty glad I participated this year, so let’s share that.


    I set my inktober rules to draw an inked piece of fan art per day.
    Statistics-wise by October’s end, this totaled up to 31 drawings, 63 different characters, 38 referenced fandoms with an average of 2 fandoms referenced per drawing, and the nearing deaths of 2 brush-pens & the first few times I painted with calligraphy ink.


How do I draw this?

    Oh, that all-too-familiar question (I think) all artists ask themselves – well, time to use references and keep trying until it looks good -- good, good enough. Inktober was a bit of crunch time case for me. On most days, I was rushing to finish the drawing regardless if I was satisfied with the sketch or not. I found out I had trouble drawing random things.

    For example, in the “BMO’s a real boy” sketch, I had trouble drafting Pinocchio’s hat on BMO because where a hat may sit on BMO’s head is either flat or a corner whereas where a hat may sit on the Pinocchio’s reference is a relatively spherical shape. I drafted that hat around 7 times before I just settled for whatever hat came out because the midnight deadline was soon approaching.

     Another fun attempt was for the Cardcaptors-Airbender mash-up sketch. I tried to draw Kerberos too, but he looked like a tall teddy bear every time I tried. I think it was the ears. I kept drawing the ears not quite right, which is pretty funny because there is a Cardcaptors episode pointing out the difference between Kero’s and a teddy bear’s ears – I just don’t remember what it was!


Tumblr reblogs & other Tumblr blogs
    I quite recently learned that people can reblog your tumblr posts with different tags and added comments and comments in those new tags, but you may never know unless you checked out each individual reblogs on another Tumblr blog. I found this system a bit strange because as the original post, you don’t always get all feedback in straightforward matter (though I can completely see the ups and downs of that!). Actually in fact, I just found it stranger when someone added a question in their tags I could have answered, but I didn’t know how because as far as I know you can’t add replies to tags and I don’t know exactly how the speech-bubble button (to add a reply) works on the reblogger’s end. 

I just don’t how to use Tumblr that well. That’s a rock fact.

    I also got some new followers during Inktober, so welcome. :D Ironically for those on Tumblr, I hope they are following me for my fantastic taste in reblogs of other Tumblr folks because I don’t post art regularly as those on Deviantart may have noticed by now.


Buttons Up:
Inktober was a fun challenge. I will probably do it again next year but maybe with a different topic, one less demanding of hunting around for different references for characters and art styles -- Maybe I will just practice drawing dogs next year. The weather has been getting cold lately, so time to button up your coats (well if suitable for you, of course!)


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Beetlejulia Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi there! Your art is great :clap:
Bverdy Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2016   Digital Artist
Love your art!
NilLinx Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Jeez, I gotta save up money or points to commission you.
tmntfan1995 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
I have a request, can you draw the harmony keyblades that you draw back then without the mane 6
dodobirdsong Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2016
As a paid commission or free request? 
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